Phthisiology (textbook) — V.I. Petrenko, O.K. Asmolov, M.G. Boyko, 2018

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Professional training of medical professionals of the general practicioners network is a very important task, since they are an important element in addressing the TB epidemic. Therefore there was a need for a national textbook of tuberculosis involving Ukrainian and foreign highly skilled professionals in this field, who have invaluable clinical, teaching and research experience. Textbook meets the requirements of the Bologna process. It provides information about the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis. Texbook expounds latest achievements of national and international scientists, WHO standardized protocols in compliance with consistency and volume of standard provision of specialized care for TB patients.
For students in higher education institutions.

Відомості про видання
Автор(и) V.I. Petrenko, O.K. Asmolov, M.G. Boyko et al.; edited by V.I. Petrenko
Видавець Всеукраїнське спеціалізоване видавництво «Медицина»
Мова Англійська
Рік видання 2018
Кількість сторінок 416, кольор. вид.
Формат 70х100/16
Тип обкладинки Тверда
Вага 911 г
ISBN 978-617-505-687-5

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Phthisiology (textbook) — V.I. Petrenko, O.K. Asmolov, M.G. Boyko, 2018

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