Pollyanna Grows Up — Eleanor H. Porter, 2020

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Анотація, характеристики, відгуки на книгу: Pollyanna Grows Up — Eleanor H. Porter, 2020

“Pollyanna”, a novel by Eleanor Porter (1868—1920), has impressed readers so much that after its release in 1913, the author got a real avalanche of letters requesting to narrate about the further life of the protagonist. As a result, the next novel — “Pollyanna Grows Up” — was published in two years, in 1915. It has become a bestseller as well. Pollyanna is growing up, and her life is full of both happy and sorrowful days. But she never forgets the glad game that her father taught her once. It is this game that helps the girl to find new friends, overcome life hardships, and even solve old family mysteries. Thanks to the heroine’s sincerity and optimism, quite several orphans manage to find loving families and Pollyanna herself — real friendship and love.

Відомості про видання
Автор(и) Eleanor H. Porter
Видавець Видавництво «Знання»
Мова Англійська
Рік видання 2020
Кількість сторінок 302
Формат 70х90 1/32
Тип обкладинки Тверда
Вага 212 г
ISBN 978-617-07-0769-7

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Pollyanna Grows Up — Eleanor H. Porter, 2020

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